LUFER (Bluefish) is a glitter in people’s eyes, big time money for the small & big fisherman. Lufer fishing is an addiction, daily routine for the retired, unemployed and off time employer/hobbyists across Bosporus.

Bluefish aggressive and fast attacks almost any fish undersized, hard to catch. There are stories of careless fisherman that lost fingers or get a good scratch while trying to release it off the fishing hook. There are even some fisherman stories in which bluefish schools chasing dolphins. The fish is highly desired in the region; nearly 70 % of World harvest is from Turkey & Marmara Sea.

The documentary is following the annual migration of the Bluefish along Bosporus both under and above water together with the human stories & lives (fisherman, scientist, restaurants, NGO’s, writers, poets, bloggers, reporters) bonded to it. The cultural and economical importance of the fish for the people is worthless and there is no coming back from extinction of this incredible species, which sadly means a loss of seamanship/cuisine culture!


The documentary is about a fish that had huge cultural influence over a region for thousand years and empires long, which was sadly overfished over the last decades.

If you have a chance to travel around Istanbul coastline a day in October, you can count around 10.000 fishing rods, day & night. It means gathering for families & friends, for table conversations all around Bosporus. Lufer means these facts and many more for thousands of years for the people leaving around Bosporus. But with the advancement of industry and human population increase since 1950’s, the numbers of the fish migrating is diminishing year by year.

Some people & NGO’s are trying to picture this fact with campaigns, media advertisements and short films but no one has ever documented the Bluefish migration underwater, the fish caught in the nets, fishing lines, underwater footage from Marmara Sea and Bosporus and most importantly; people of Istanbul through the eyes LUFER and bluefish through the eyes of its inhabitants.



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